Totem GT electric is an handcrafted jewel car designed to suit your highest driving expectations and bring your senses and emotions into this extraordinary experience. Its performance and interior of the vehicle enhance the way to live this legend and find a unique blend between the classic past and the dynamic vision of the future.


The founder

Totem Automobili is an Italian start-up founded by Riccardo Quaggio, an Italian automotive designer. His passion for cars, in particular for the historical ones, has roots in his family, which has handed down to him the fine taste for iconic cars as a child.

In 2018 guided by his passion for the past and inspired by a vision of the technological and zero-emission future, his exclusive project began with the guide of redefining the greatest Italian legendary cars.


The iconic soul

Redesigning the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA with a revived design that preserves the iconic soul, whilst reaches distinction for the craftsmanship of each component, Totem Giulia GT electric runs the road of the future as a result of advanced electrical technology, which improve its performance.

Maintaining 10% of the original chassis, to which a new full aluminum suspensions, specifically designed for the car, has been coupled, we substituted the classic fuel engine with an electric motor, able to grant an unparalleled power, a longer duration and a greener vision.


A passionate team

Two years of design, meticulous craftsmanship, tests, thousands of hours and in 2020 the project takes off with the launch of the first Totem house creation, the Giulia GT Electric. This jewel is the result of the collaboration of a passionate team dedicated to perfection, attention to detail, technological performance to bring the iconic car to a level never experienced before to provide classic car lovers the best Italian vintage car thought for the future.

The team is composed by 21 engineers (both mechanical and electrical), 9 craftsman and and about 150 suppliers, of which 90% in Italy.


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