With the idea of revamping the car we elegantly redesigned the original lines giving the car a stunning shape whilst maintaining the authentic signature of the Giulia GTA.

Starting from one of the best iconic Italian cars of the 60’s & 70’s, the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA, we have created one of the most advanced restomod in the business, producing the ever fastest and most fascinating Giulia GTA. 
The Giulia GTA was presented in 1965 and in the following seven 

years obtained a series of successes and prizes which led this car to be considered as a legend. Our goal was to rebuild a car which remembers in spirit and shape the victorious Alfa of the 60ies, emerging as a reference for sportsmanship and craftsmanship.


A handcrafted project

Not only looking back to the past but also glancing at the future, we elegantly redesigned the original lines giving the car a stunning shape whilst maintaining the authentic signature of the Giulia GTA.

Similar considerations applied to the engineering and mechanical elements, planning the very best components and working with a team of Italian experts, we developed the new chassis setup designed to enclose an electric heart, bringing the car to extraordinary performance, whilst projecting it into the future.


The design

The design of our GT electric has been reshaped in forms and materials to create a timeless car with a smoother line. The formal search for details has given continuity to the past recovering some original features to apply in the new design.
We removed the roof drip molding from the external body, which was reconstructed entirely in carbon fiber, in order to make the car as light as possible and to obtain a perfect surface using new milling molds.

50 kg


The iconic soul

Redesigning the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA with a revived design that preserves the iconic soul, whilst reaches distinction for the craftsmanship of each component, Totem Giulia GT electric runs the road of the future as a result of advanced electrical technology, which improve its performance.

Maintaining 10% of the original chassis, to which a new full aluminum suspensions, specifically designed for the car, has been coupled, we substituted the classic fuel engine with an electric motor, able to grant an unparalleled power, a longer duration and a greener vision.


The chassis

The conversion process started from our beloved classic Alfa Romeo Giulia GT Junior 1300/1600, built between 1970 and 1975. We totally disassembled, stripped, unmounted the external panels. The frame was finely tuned and stiffened by hand to grant the significant power increase from the original 192bhp to 590bhp.

At the front axle we designed new double wishbones suspensions on billet aluminium, at the rear axle we incorporated the new double wishbones incorporate with the fifth arm (very performing solution), connected to a new rear sub-frame, which supports the electric motor, in line with the semiaxle.


Original structure rethought

The car is stiffened by an internal hidden roll bar, made in a special material called 15CDV6 / SCV, the most exclusive micro-alloy steel approved for aeronautics.
The bull-bar is applied in substitution of the external bumpers to improve its beauty while making it safer and reliable. To preserve quality and assure lifelong corrosion resistance, the whole chassis received a cataphoresis treatment.


The driving experience

Thanks to McFly technology by our partner 2electron, the car reproduces a realistic package of performance, sound and vibration starting from the soul of ICE engines up to completely blank sheet, where the customer can design with us his own experience.

Thanks to the fusion of gaming and ICE calibration, engine torque, gear ratios, number of gear, power band, engine brake, sound and vibration and so many other features are realistic and customizable. We can use a gear lever selector digitally connected to our controller with the same mechanical feeling of a conventional one.

It’s easy to change: you can switch engines, select the features and drive.
It will be possible to choose from unlimited sound layers, building your own and unique experience, even those that exist only in the creative mind.
Very wide possibility of customization in every engine point.









Engine torque, power band, number of gears, gear ratios, rev limiter and other amazing features will be tailor-made designed.

Play the sound

Gear sport

Take full advantage of the torque curves of the emulated engine: the Sw will manage in real time the optimal gear based on your driving style.
Get to the limiter when you drive on track or shift to the next gear at low revs if you want to enjoy the view! To have a more aggressive behavior you can use the gear lever to interact even when the mode is active.

Launch control

The software controls acceleration based on engine specifications to make the car accelerate smoothly and as fast as possible, avoiding spinning of the drive wheels to ensure you the best standing start procedure matching also with immersive sound and rev limiter feature

Drift Engine Braking

Use the emulated engine braking in downshift to start a drift.
The Sw will manage the regenerative braking in order to reproduce the engine inertia increasing the Rpm during the downshift. The behavior is completely customizable by driver.


The front and the rear

The front and the rear of our GT electric were redesigned to give a specific identity to the car, to enhance the emotional driving experience and its sporty and contemporary character, whilst staying true to the original car personality and its legendary past.


The front

At the front we evoked the competitive fame of the Giulia GTam making it 180mm wider, selecting headlights in LED technology inspired by rally cars and a carbon front grille embellished with geometric patterns.


The rear

The rear was redesigned to provide a curvy shape, while accommodating new LED taillights and two large extractors based on an initial aerodynamic study of the whole coefficient. To balance the design we also agreed to move down the license plate.


Color combinations

We love to create new color combinations and customizations.
The color of each car reflect the spirit and the soul of the customers, pastel and mica colors are our favorites, as they reflect well on the rounded surfaces of the car. Furthermore each car is polished with a ceramic detailing treatment after the varnishing process in order to protect the paint forever.


In contrast to the shiny paint of your GT we can create many different galvanic protection colors, also customizing the finishes, obtaining the chassis chrome, matte finish and the explosive satin finish. Always thanks our supplier “Galvanica Partenopea” for the creation of these splendid masterpieces.


The electric motor, with a couple of 1100 Nm, accelerates our Totem GT electric from 0 to 100 Km/h in 2.9”.
We implemented also an electronic power control to manage the power, with 3 efficiency settings: D (dynamic), N (natural) and A (advanced).

Battery pack

We are proud to present one of the safest and lightest battery packs in the world, with only 420 Kg of weight and 63,9 Kwh.
The internal modules are certified UN38.3 (Immersion Cooled Modular Battery Pack System submerges cells directly in 3M™ Novec™ Engineered Fluid to deliver unprecedented continuous power to electric vehicles).
With a full charge pack you will be able to drive your Totem GT electric for about 390 km at a standard pace.