Totem GT electric is an handcrafted jewel car designed to suit your highest driving expectations and bring your senses and emotions into this extraordinary experience. Its performance and interior of the vehicle enhance the way to live this legend and find a unique blend between the classic past and the dynamic vision of the future.


The dashboard

We understand how important it is to classic car lovers handcrafted bespoke interior and the use of refined material and components.

The gauges of the Totem GT Electric are presented as a couple of digital displays designed in a classic round shape and enclosed in carbon fiber rings which match the air vents, both recalling the sporty and vintage character of the Alfa Giulia GT.

The team accommodated modern adaptations to integrate a sophisticated antitheft system, electrically controlled windows, new 400v heating and air conditioning system and keyless ignition.


The audio system

Totem GT electric features a modern car infotainment designed in vintage style. The fortunate few having the privilege to drive the vehicle will enjoy one of the best audio systems in the world. This exceptional audio system is uniquely created for GT electric by Audio Development to experience the highest audio quality possible.


Tailor-made interior

Our bespoke interior are designed and handcrafted to adapt to your body as an Italian tailored suit. This approach extends to the car details to assure a custom vehicle that meets your preferences. Seats are molded according to your body shape, the position and size of the car’s pedals are designed and built in line with your shoe size, steering wheel is positioned to fit the measure of your shoulders.

At Totem nothing is left to chance.


The driving experience

Emotions have never been overlooked in our project.
Senses are stimulated to enhance your experience.


The seats

The driving experience embodies the same level of craftsmanship as the exterior of the car. The rear seats are removed to extend space needed for the front seats and to accomodate the battery pack. Original front seats are replaced with our new designed carbon fiber and genuine leather seats drawn by recalling the race world and the notorious 1750 Giulia GT seats. The door armrests preserve the original line but have been realized in wood covered with genuine leather.


The steering wheel

Similar rules applied to the steering wheel, we chose a reinterpretation of the Hellebore by Momo, made of aluminum and genuine leather to make it meanwhile sporty and stylish. The steering wheel has been brought closer and legs, in our driving position, are more stretched to evoke dynamic driving experience.


The gear

The electric was mingled with mechanical elements to intensify your emotions. The team designed a limited slip differential and a mechanical handbrake. The mid rear motor, located along the drive axles , suits your driving experience thanks to our DNA system.

The driving experience

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