Since ever old cars recall fascination, elegance and nostalgia. So far Totem Automobili pursues the objective of revamping old cars, not only looking back to the past but also glancing at the future. Thus, we have reinvented the restoration approach using new technologies and new materials so as to make state-of-the-art cars. Starting from one of the most iconic autos of the 60/70’ies, an Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA, we have created one of the most advanced restmod in the world, producing the ever fastest Alfa Romeo. The Giulia GTA was presented in 1965 and in the following seven years obtained a series of successes and prizes which led this car to be considered as a legend.Our goal is to rebuild a car which could remember in spirit and shape the victorious Alfa of the 60ies, emerging as a reference for sportsmanship and craftmanship.

We began using 10% of the original chassis, to which a new full aluminum chassis has been coupled, specifically designed for this car; a reinforcement with roll-cage adherent to the external body, which has been completely reconstructed in carbon fiber. Following our approach, we substituted the classic fuel engine with an electric motor, able to grant an unparalleled power, a longer duration and a green vision.

We changed all: we revised, redesigned, updated each single component; also the pillars shape has been redesigned. Our GT shows new styling mostly in the front and in the rear, to give a specific identity in comparison with the original car. The interiors are highly accurate, every part is handmade by our skilled craftsmen, who use the best Italian leathers to create an iconic car, still able to give emotion after 50 years.


The wheels recall the 60ies style of the GTAm
Are specifically forged directly in aluminum, with holes 5x140.
Front wheels: 225/45-17 or 205/40-17 Continental ContiSportContact™ 5
Rear wheels: 245740 -17 or 255/40-17 Continental ContiSportContact™ 3


Standard suspensions Bilstein Clubsport with a two way setting. It is possible to change the setting independently in every moment, easily and without any special key. You can choose 10 different settings in extension (red lever) and compression (blue lever). Optional is the iRC system with electronic setting through app. Also, as an optional, you can install a kit of self levelling pneumatic suspension AiRrex, specifically designed for this car.

Braking circuit

The braking circuit comes directly from Brembo, designed and tested to offer top performance both on track or road, with newest disk brake caliper B-M4 and disks 328x28 and 345x28. Caliper can be customized with many different colors and markings on request. On request it is possible to install a Brembo GT-R braking system, with monobloc calipers in aluminum with radial connection 4 pistons and floating disks in two pieces.


Both head and rear lights have been redesigned to give a new face to GT. Frontally, we put the classic double lights of the 1750/2000 version, which looks back to the “rally” design: the new position of the driving headlamps recalls the supplementary lights mounted over the original bumper. In the rear, we integrated a new round light, leaving the rectangular shape of the old light; the rear fog/reverse light has been moved over the plate. All lights are LED.


The control board is fully digital, with 2 screens of 3.5” and a passenger screen to control battery usage. Windows are electrically controlled; a sophisticated antitheft system is included; keyless system to start is provided.

Carbon fiber body

The external body has been completely remade in carbon fibre so as to reduce the weight as well as obtain a smooth surface to paint without weldings, stopper and patches. The carbon fiber bodywork is constructed from premium ‘pre-preg’ carbon fiber and is vacuum bagged and baked to a temperature of over 200 degrees.


The floor pan has been completely redesigned to increase the ground effect. In front, a new oilpan in aluminum and carbon fibre conveys air to flatpan, while in the rear there are two big carbon fibre extractors, proving grip on the ground.

Audio system

By default we offer one of the best audio systems in the world, made specifically for this auto by AUDIO DEVELOPMENT. It is possible to extend the audio system with additional speakers and subwoofer.

Air conditioning

A modern air conditioning system is available, specifically designed for this car, with evaporator and dryer.


Front and rear windows, with internal heating, are identical to the original ones. We changed the side butterfly windows with new fixed windows and new pillars. Windows are available in white, green o exclusive fumes colors.


The Infotainment system has a vintage style, as classic old car radio 3,5”, but it is state-of-the-art technology. With Bluetooth connection, interactive maps, DAB radio and many apps.